How to Tell If You Have a Mis-Sold Pension

The specialists here at Mis-Sold Mortgages Experts can help you with more than just your mortgage. We know that another element of personal finance that is regularly mis-sold is the pension scheme. Finding the right personal pension is vital to ensure security for your future and comfort throughout your retirement. When pension schemes are mis-sold, it can result in great upheaval, stress and confusion.


Many people think that there is nothing they can do once they discover that their pension has been mis-sold to them. However, this is certainly not the case. With the correct support and assistance, it’s absolutely possible for you to make a claim for compensation as a means of achieving justice and reclaiming the finances you may have missed out on as a result of being assigned the wrong scheme.


But are you sure that your pension was mis-sold? There are a number of ways to be sure.

If You Have a Mis-Sold Pension - Mis-Sold Mortgage Experts

Were you warned of all risks in full?

Pension advisers are obliged to make you aware of any and all pitfalls that may result from the particular pension scheme you are considering, as unlikely as they may be. If you have been provided with no paperwork to this effect and this information was not explained to you at any point, you are likely to have a case for compensation.


Did your adviser look into your financial background?

It’s vital for pension advisers to make themselves aware of your history in order to be able to direct you to a scheme that is right for you. If you have suspicions that the individual who dealt with your case had failed to do their research correctly, this could be taken as evidence to support your claim.


Was all the information you provided taken into account?

It’s likely that you went to the pension provider in question with a number of criteria you wanted your pension to meet. If you feel that you were not properly listened to when you explained your requirements, it’s likely that you’ll have a case for compensation.


Were all fees explained to you?

If your adviser did not talk you through all the costs involved in your chosen pension scheme at the time in a way that made sense to you, it’s possible that you’ve had some nasty surprises along the way. This also means it’s likely that your scheme was mis-sold to you.


Did your adviser correctly explain the amounts you would receive from your pension?

It is extremely important for pension providers to provide you with full information regarding your pension payouts, letting you know exactly when you can receive them and confirming the total amounts involved. If they didn’t do this when you acquired your scheme, it’s likely that it was not sold to you correctly.


You don’t need to worry if you haven’t retained any record of consultations with your pension provider – the Mis-Sold Mortgages Experts are able to search through relevant archives to uncover all supporting information.


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