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Have I been mis-sold a mortgage?

Over recent years, has it become clear to you that advice you were given when taking out financial products may have caused you to opt for a product that wasn’t for you? You aren’t the only one! There has been a dramatic increase in in the number of successful mortgage claims because of poor advice.

Successful mortgage claims have been on the rise due to questions being raised over the suitability of advice given to individuals seeking a mortgage. This may leave you wondering if you have been mis-sold your mortgage. As a result of the increase in successful mortgage claims, we now have a clearer understanding of what constitutes a mis-sold mortgage. At the Mis-Sold Mortgage experts, our mis-sold mortgage solicitors are able to identify if you are entitled to a claim for mis-sold mortgage compensation.

Using a specialist mis-sold mortgage expert team like ours will make the process of claiming a mis-sold mortgage much simpler for you. As experts in the field of mortgage mis selling, we can quickly establish if mis-sold mortgage compensation can be claimed. After working on hundreds of cases regarding mis-sold mortgage claims (from start to finish) we now provide a UK leading service in which we communicate with all parties throughout and resolve the case as quickly as possible.

The quantity of mis-sold mortgage compensation awarded can vary, depending on the circumstances of each case. Your mis-sold mortgage claim can flourish from a number of reasons, victims often unaware they are entitled to compensation, particularly in situations involving mis-sold interest-only mortgages. Following the completion of our initial assessment of your case, we will be able to inform you of the mis-sold mortgage compensation you can expect. Successful mortgage claims can still be carried out even if the solicitor or company you dealt with is no longer in business and up to certain limits, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme will pay the compensation.

At the Mis-Sold Mortgage Experts we strive to ensure the process of making a claim is as easy as possible for our clients. We have plenty of experience in dealing with mortgage brokers and lenders, boasting a proven track record for processing successful mortgage claims. To begin we will ask some simple questions to gain an understanding of your situation, this allows us to identify if you have a claim. At the mis-sold mortgage experts we won’t waste your time if you don’t have a claim. However, if we do believe you have a valid mis-sold mortgage claim, we will send you an information pack and a letter which will authorise us to act on your behalf and investigate further. Once we have all of the necessary information, our mis-sold mortgage solicitors will progress with your claim and seek to get the compensation you deserve.

Don’t waste your time wondering if you have been the victim of mortgage mis-selling and start your claim for mis-sold mortgage compensation today. Our hassle-free process and expert team are on hand to help you every step of the way to get you through your successful mortgage claim. You could be owed thousands in mis-sold mortgage compensation so don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team today.


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What is a mis-sold mortgage?

A mis-sold mortgage means you were given advice that wasn’t suitable, the risks were not clearly explained to you or you were not given all of the information you needed and ended up taking out a product that wasn’t right for you.

Who can claim mis-sold mortgage compensation?

If it can be established that the mortgage was mis-sold then you may have a claim for redress.If you have had any of the following then you may be eligible to claim:

  • Interest-only mortgage
  • Debt consolidation
  • Self-Certification
  • Lending in to your retirement
  • Subprime mortgage

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How much compensation can you claim for a mis-sold mortgage?

The compensation amounts vary depending on the particular circumstances of each case, after we have completed our initial assessment of your case we will be able to advise you on the redress expected.

Will I get in trouble claiming mis-sold mortgage compensation?

No, your mortgage provider has a duty to treat all customers fairly and your mortgage will not be affected by making a claim. Your current lender may even offer you a better deal moving forward.

What information do I need to claim mortgage compensation?

All we require from you is the name of your mortgage provider and the date you took out the mortgage, we then do the rest.

We will ask a few other simple questions to understand your circumstances at the point of sale.

When were mortgages mis-sold?

If you were sold a mortgage after the 31st October 2004 through a broker there is a real possibility that the Mortgage has been mis-sold.

What should I do if my mortgage runs past my retirement age?

If your mortgage is going to run past your retirement age and your unsure how you will manage the repayments you may be eligible to make a claim, start your claim with us today by completing our online form.

Can I claim mis-sold mortgage compensation myself?

You can claim yourself by contacting your mortgage broker. There are online sites that can assist you in your claim, you could start by visiting the Financial Ombudsman Service website.

However, if your struggling to know whether you may have been mis-sold a mortgage, we are here to help. We offer a free, no obligation initial consultation in which we will talk you through the whole process without any legal jargon and assess whether you have a potential claim. Fill in our online form to find out!

Where can i claim mortgage compensation?

Start your claim process today by completing the online form, and our expert legal team will be in touch to help you claim the money back you deserve.

My mortgage broker isn’t in business any more, can i still claim?

Don’t worry it may be still possible to make a claim against the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, if the company or adviser who sold you the mortgage product has since stopped trading, had their licence withdrawn or gone out of business. We can discuss further once you get in contact with us. Fill in our online form to find out!

How far back can i claim mortgage compensation?

Since 31 October 2004 mortgages have been a regulated financial product, so where a mortgage has been mis-sold, customers can claim compensation they may be entitled to.

If it’s established that the mortgage was mis-sold then you may be eligible to claim for losses from the start of the mortgage to date, and through to the full term of the mortgage.

Who pays me my mortgage compensation?

The compensation is awarded by the person or company who provided the advice at the point of sale, however if they have since gone out of business then the Financial Services Compensation Scheme can pay compensation up to certain limits.

How long does it take to claim mis-sold mortgage compensation?

On average claims are expected to be resolved in 12-14 months, however timescales can vary depending on the complexity of each case.

What percentage of my compensation will I receive?

You will receive a minimum of 65% of the award. The maximum charge our solicitors take is 35%.

What is the process for claiming mis sold mortgage compensation?

Firstly, we’ll ask you some simple questions to understand your situation, we won’t waste your time if you haven’t got a claim.

If we believe you have a valid claim to pursue, we’ll send you an information pack and a letter for you to sign which authorises us to act on your behalf and investigate further.

Once we have all of the necessary information back our solicitors who specialise in mis-sold mortgage cases will then progress your claim and seek to get you the compensation you deserve.

What if my mortgage has been in arrears? Can I still claim compensation?


Having arrears on your account does not affect your right to compensation and could be an indication that the lending was unaffordable at the time it was taken out.

Can I still claim if I no longer own the property that was mortgaged?


You can still claim is you don’t currently own the property that was mortgaged.

Was your property repossessed as you could no longer afford the mortgage payments or you had to downsize for the same reason. If this has happened to you, it’s likely you have claim to be made. Fill in our online form to find out!

What if I had a joint account and I no longer live with them or I am now divorced?

Your ability to claim is not affected, each person may be entitled to compensation.


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