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Every year in the UK, thousands of financial products are being aggressively sold to customers without giving them a true and complete picture of what they are getting into. The result is losses, unexpected problems and financial distress for customers.

Very often, financial products like mortgages and endowments are mis-sold by hiding facts, hiding risks or without considering the financial capability of customers. This gives them a false picture and prevents them from taking an informed decision. People fooled into buying an unsuitable financial product often suffer in silence without knowing that they can get compensation from the service provider.



The mission of Mis-sold Mortgage Experts is to make a positive change in the above scenario. We work on behalf of Bee Legal Solicitors, a highly regarded law firm based in Manchester.

Our goal is to make victims of mis-sold mortgages aware of their rights and assist them in getting the compensation they deserve. Mis-sold mortgages come in many shapes, but they have a common theme: deceiving the customer by hiding facts or downplaying the risks.

We are here to help the victims of mis-sold mortgages. We have made it as easy as ABC with our simple three-step process. We help victims get a fair compensation for their distress. We are committed to getting the best possible outcomes for our customers.

Mis-sold Mortgage Expert


Here are some areas that we are currently focussing on.

Interest only mortgages sold without explaining how the mortgage would finally be settled or without mentioning better options available to the customer.

Mortgages sold without checking the ability of the customer to repay. It’s the job of the mortgage seller to check the buyer’s financial capability before approving the loan.

Fast-track mortgages issued on the basis of self-certification of income without requiring formal proof of income from the customer.

Mortgages that run into retirement without any discussion on how the customer is going to service the loan after their regular income stops.

Debt consolidation or mortgage restructuring without explaining the additional interest liability that it will result in.

Endowment policies or investments sold by misleading the customer into believing that it will pay their mortgage on maturity when that need not be the case.

Adding a high brokerage fee to the principal without informing the customer. The customer ends up paying the high fees as well as a monthly interest on it.

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