Was I Mis-Sold a Pension? What Can I Do?

Pension schemes can be complex, and many people blame themselves if they come to realise that they don’t understand a number of the elements involved in theirs. However, it’s very likely that any lack of clarity surrounding your pension is actually the result of insufficient detail and explanation provided at the point of sale.

Many people approach the Mis-Sold Mortgages Experts to ask whether their scheme may have been mis-sold to them, and what can be done to resolve this problem – so here’s a little advice that we hope will help you to discern whether or not your pension was correctly sold, and what to do if you suspect that it wasn’t.

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My scheme isn’t performing as well as I’d hoped

This can be frustrating for many people, but it isn’t necessarily a sign of a mis-sold pension and is unlikely to entitle you to any compensation. However, if you were assured of a certain level of performance or a particular standard of payout by your pension adviser and these elements have not come to fruition, this could be considered evidence of your scheme being incorrectly sold.


I was not aware of the charges involved in my pension scheme

If fees and costs have taken you by surprise, it’s possible that your pension provider did not go through these with you correctly at the time you bought into the scheme in question. This will very likely give you grounds to make a claim for compensation.


I don’t think my pension scheme meets my specific requirements

If you have realised that you do not qualify for a lot of the benefits inherent in your scheme, or it seems that most of the elements it involves are irrelevant to you, it’s very possible that it was mis-sold to you in the first place. Whether you came to your provider with a list of specifics that needed to be met – and it now seems as though they were ignored – or your adviser seems to have failed to have looked into your financial history correctly and has assigned you an unsuitable pension scheme as a result, it seems likely that you will be eligible for compensation.


I’m sure that my pension scheme was mis-sold to me. What can I do?

We strongly advise that you do not give in to the temptation to immediately make a claim yourself without any professional support or assistance. Get in touch with the Mis-sold Mortgages Experts at your earliest convenience if you suspect you may have a strong case for compensation. Just give our team a call on 0800 756 3986 or fill in our simple online contact form here, and our friendly and experienced specialists will talk you through your situation and start pursuing your case straight away. We’ll do all the work for you, and we will always take the time to collect solid evidence to support your case, so all you need to do is wait to find out the result of your claim.



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