Mis-Sold Personal Pension Claim for Compensation

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Do you have a problem with your personal pension? Poor advice or a lack of full understanding on the part of your provider may have led to the wrong kind of pension scheme being sold to you. If like hundreds of other, you have had a pension scheme mis-sold to you in the past, you should never think there’s nothing you can do.


The Mis-Sold Mortgages Experts are also experienced specialists in mis-sold personal pensions. You should strongly consider contacting our knowledgeable service providers if your pension investments have retained no value, you can prove that the scheme you signed up to was poorly or insufficiently explained to you at the time of purchase, or the type of pension you ended up with did not suit your specific needs. We can work with you to find out exactly what went wrong and assist you every step of your way in your claim for compensation.

Mis-Sold Personal Pension Claim for Compensation - Mis-Sold Mortgages Experts

Why The Mis-sold Mortgage Experts are The Right Choice for You

If you think your pension was mis-sold to you, your first step should be to get in touch with the Mis-Sold Mortgages Expert at your earliest convenience.


Your initial consultation with us will help us to establish right away whether or not you were sold an unsuitable or insufficient pension. After this, we can:


  • Check your eligibility to claim mis-sold pension compensation
  • Handle your compensation claim from start to finish
  • Work to recover the compensation that’s right for your mis-sold pension claim
  • Push to reverse any financial losses to date


Why Have I Been Mis-Sold My Pension?

There are many reasons why a pension may have been incorrectly sold to you. Whether your retirement fund was degraded or changed at the time of sale without your knowledge, or a provider misunderstood your needs or purposefully failed to explain certain elements of your scheme in order to close the sale, yours will not be the first case nor, sadly, the last. Luckily, our tried and tested methods are extremely likely to help you escape from your current situation and receive the full compensation that you deserve.


Contact the Mis-Sold Mortgage Experts Today

Don’t hesitate to get in contact if you believe your pension was mis-sold to you. The Mis-Sold Mortgage Experts team is highly experienced in the recovery of compensation for both mis-sold pensions and mis-sold mortgages of all kinds, so you can rest assured that they will do everything in their power to help you achieve justice.


Claiming compensation for a mis-sold pension has never been easier with The Mis-Sold Mortgages Expert. All you need to do is pick up the phone and call 0800 756 3986 or fill in our simple online contact form to make a claim. One of our advisors will then call you back to discuss your particular case with you. Once the facts have been established and the correct approach is clear, all you need to do is sit back and await your compensation.

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